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Winter Wonderland Shootout 2019

Since Mother Nature skipped a big chunk of fall this year, I went back to my images from Winter Wonderland Shootout 2019 hosted by a local photographer last winter. It was a great experience to shoot side by side of 10 other talented photographers who have the same passion for photography as I do. We had beautiful models, professionally styled and dressed in brand name clothing. We were shooting on a beautiful farm covered in tons of snow and the temperature was around 10 F. The weather was perfect that weekend. Even sunshine picked out for a moment. It was a day before the Polar Vortex started. Some of the photographers weren't able to fly out for a few days because of the weather conditions. The day of shooting passed by so quickly, that we simply run out of daylight.

This image tells its own story besides how much snow we got. Beautiful mama to be, brave in the snow, posing for us. She was holding heat packs in her hands and wearing winter boots. The wind shook off the snow from the tree branch above her and she definitely could feel it on her back, but still posed for us so we could get the perfect shots. Diva was great along with other models for which I'm thankful for. They were a huge part of the shootout and every single model did great.

As winter will go on, you'll see more images from Winter Wonderland Shootout 2019.

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