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Hi there,  I'm so happy you are here! 

I remember the day when I held a camera for the first time. I was just a child but that was the moment when my love for photography was born and it has never faded away. I was blown away by the ability to freeze the moment, to have a print in my hands that was bringing lots of feelings, smiles, laughs or tears. I was able to spend hours going thru family albums over and over again with the same feelings.​

Growing up I realized that freezing moments of people was art that became my passion. The circle of life contains priceless moments. Different stages of life, reaching various milestones, from birth, thru childhood, adulthood, falling in love, getting married, expecting a baby, watching them grow and getting old is something worth freezing, stopping the moment otherwise gone like a heartbeat. But even more importantly, I realized that making people feel good and happy is what I love to do. 


My goal is not just to take photographs, I would like to tell your story. I would be thrilled to be admitted to your circle of life and capture the unique individual in front of me, the in-between moments. I want to freeze your moments and create pieces of art so you can remember how you felt that day - forever. 

Traverse City Photographer Traverse City Family Photographer Traverse City Engagement Photographer

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